Fast Cut Media

Abrasive Finishing Fortune Media

COMPOSITION                               LBS.\CU.FT.                                 COLOR

Fortune Media AX-65                        85-90

Fortune Media AX-65 A fast cutting composition fitting between AX-90 and the ultra-fast cutting compositions. It provides a higher rate of metal removal than AX-90, with only a slightly higher media loss. AX-65 is recommended for obtaining short time cycles on medium and heavy burrs and will leave parts with a clean semi-matte finish. AX-65 gives excellent results in vibratory finishing equipment.

Fortune Media AH-41                        95-100

Fortune Media AH-41 The most aggressive cutting media available. It gives great amounts of cut down in short time cycles and still retains good wear characteristics. AH-41 leaves parts with a matte finish. Pound for pound the most aggressive cutting media on the market. Recommended for all heavy deburring or descaling operations.

Fortune Media F-36                           110-115

Fortune Media F-36 The fastest cutting of the high density compositions. Combines short time cycle with low micro finishes.

Fortune Media SP-3                           110-115

Fortune Media SP-3 Combines the fast cutting qualities of AX-65 with the high density fracture resistance of F-33. Its greater weight gives it an excellent cutting force, increasing with load size. Able to develop low micro finishes on hard metal parts.

Fortune Media SJ                                 95-100

Fortune Media SJ Available in spherical shapes only. An aggressive cutting action. Good for general to heavy deburring, producing short time cycles.

Fortune Media CS-46                         90-95

Fortune Media CS-46 A fast cutting composition that is silicon carbide based. Contains no aluminum oxide. Recommended for parts having no oxide impregnation, especially where parts are welded, brazed or soldered. Gives parts a matte finish.

Vibra Finish

COMPOSITION                               LBS.\CU.FT.                                 COLOR

Vibra Finish #4                                         105       

Vibra Finish #4 an ultra fast cutting ceramic media specially designed to reduce cycle times to the absolute minimum.  It is ideal for quick burr removal, radiusing, and low RMS finishes.  It produces a very fine matte finish.

Vibra Finish SF                                      85-90                                     Gray

Vibra Finish SF FAST CUTTING: Fast cutting media that provides a good finish with a tough long-wearing bond

Vibra Finish XF                                      85-90                                    Tan

Vibra Finish XF XTRA FAST CUTTING: Media designed for fast metal removal, surface improvements and a low rms finish. Matte finish and moderate
wear rate but very efficient due to reduced cycle times

Vibra Finish UFX                                   85-90                                    Blue Gray

Vibra Finish UFX ULTRA AGGRESSIVE: Our most aggressive media formulation where metal removal, radiusing and cycle times are primary concerns

Vibra Finish DF                                        95-100                                 Brown

Vibra Finish DF DENSE SUPER FAST CUTTING: Extremely resistant to fracturing, ideal for high energy applications. Very fast cut facilitated by heavier weight per cu. ft. Debur and radius faster than standard medias

Vibra Finish FC                                       100-110                                 Gray

Vibra Finish FC FAST CUT: Made for fast cutting and deburring in all types of finishing equipment

Washington Mills DURAMEDIA®

Composition                                Lbs./Cu. Ft.                                        Color

DURAMEDIA® XC                              90                                            Green  

DURAMEDIA® XC is the more aggressive version of our DURAMEDIA® C deburring product formulation. With a higher concentration of coarse grain aluminum oxide, this unusually aggressive media gets to work right away in the removal of heavy burrs, flash or scale. XC “Green” has also been an industry standard for years known for its fast cutting capability.

DURAMEDIA® 40                                100                                          Tan

DURAMEDIA® 40 is an extremely fast cutting media for rapid cut down on all ferrous products This media should be used for maximum metal removed in a minimal amount of time.

DURAMEDIA® WK / HE                 100                                           Tan

DURAMEDIA®WK / HE are efficient, fast cutting medias. Both provide a fast cutting action similar to DURAMEDIA® 40 however there bonding formulations provide the media wear of DURAMEDIA® 20 / F utilizing a high concentration of aluminum oxide blends.

DURAMEDIA® H                                 110                                            Gray

DURAMEDIA® H is another tough, fast cutting, longer wearing, very efficient cutting media. It’s high density and large grain aluminum oxide matrix make it a more aggressive media for quicker metal removal. DURAMEDIA® H would best be applied where short cycle time are required.

DURAMEDIA® 120C                     125                                               Dark Brown    

DURAMEDIA® 120C combines the benefits of a high density media, blended with a prescribed concentration of abrasive to effectively and efficiently remove metal in applications where chemical accelerant’s are not used, while providing extended wear characteristics. The effects of increased weight/mass in combination with the abrasive will reduce your customers’ cycle time and reduce media usage. The net result is overall process savings.

DURALUM® XA                             145                                               Gray/Black     

DURALUM® XA is the ideal tumbling nugget being dense, tough and free-cutting. A true micro-crystalline fused aluminum oxide abrasive, produced by a unique “chill cast” process, its solid structure, super-fine crystal size and carefully controlled chemistry (including titanium dioxide) make it strong and durable.

DURALUM® PWS                         105                                               Off White /  Light Tan

DURALUM® PWS is a state of the art ceramic media that uses a proprietary fused zirconia abrasive specially formulated for maximum cutting ability.   The harder the alloy, the more it separates itself from standard products.  It also has a very low attrition rate for a media this aggressive.